Newgale Beach, South Wales

2021 - A Year in Review

2021 Country of Living: England in LONDON!

Despite our movements restricted we managed to get out a fair amount particularly after finally talking to a financial consultant and looking into the purchase of a new house. After a tour of much of England and the south of Wales we have made an offer on a property in Nantwich that we hope will complete early in 2022. We have really enjoyed living in London but we feel the time is right to try something new.

On the health side, both Mel and I are now not only double-vaccinated (against COVID-19) but we also have had our first booster so we feel a lot safer when going out.

On a professional front, my employer for the past MANY years (Smartlogic) was acquired by MarkLogic later in the year and I am working on very aspects of integrating my activities into their infrastructure.


We are still pretty much restricted from international travel what with various new Covid variants found and different countries affected in different ways so we stuck to England and Wales this year.

Our most significant travel excursion was in the summer to visit different locations in the United Kingdom where we might want to live to see what they were like. This included:

Yes, these were a busy few months with every long weekend spent on the road having a look. Sure, it was as much a holiday as it was actually considering places, but it was great to be out.


Nope. Well, not to stay, though we did have some friends over during the years, which was nice.

Reviews of the Year


We have again been able to attend events outside of the home rather than virtually. We have had a mixture of both this year.








We have seen a few films at the cinema (including the latest 007) but we have still been watching a lot of them on the TV.


Out and about far more than last year…


Next Year

Well, we are hoping to move into our new house in February. After that, we are not sure but we do want to go on a vacation and a trip to Canada to see our relatives would be nice as well.


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