Review of 'Simply Fish'

In this area of the world “Fish and Chip” shops are a dime a dozen and many serve food that is “sub par” to say the least. “Simply Fish” is not one of those places though it has prices to match. Located right in the middle of Brixton on the harbour, it has a takeaway, indoor seated restaurant as well as, in the good weather, an “alfresco” dining area right on the concrete of the harbour wall (with the occasional live entertainment as well).

The menu is full of lots of good seafood. We were here for the takeaway but the dine-in menu has all things seafood: Mussels, scallops (local), fish soup, prawns, various fish dishes (monkfish, fish curry, gurnard, etc), as well as the typical fish and chips, here with cod, hake or (local) pout. The takeaway menu is decidedly simpler but has the bits we were interested in: A simple order of (regular) fish (cod) and (double-cooked) chips, regular size (they do have a larger portion size) which came to £6.45 + £2.50 then another £1.40 for mushy peas. Ketchup was extra at £0.60 but given that it was small glass jars of the rather nice (!) “Wilkin & Sons Tiptree tomato sauce” I think this can be forgiven (!). Despite visiting on a busy Sunday on a bank holiday weekend we only had to wait a few minutes for our order which we took to eat sitting on the harbour's edge.

What's in the bag?


The fish was incredibly fresh pretty much falling apart with the merest glance, covered with an incredibly light, non-greasy batter. The chips were not at all soggy, and quite crisp, nothing like the stale, sad chips you get at lesser “chippies”. The mushy peas were minted but not so much to overpower the flavour.


The busy staff were friendly and helpful, taking great care in their work and the food. The interior of the restaurant is “old school chippie” with tile and comfortable cafe-style seating.

Highly recommended. Sure it is not the cheapest fish around but it sure gives Rick Stein's Fish & Chip Shop (in nearby Paidstow) a run for it's money…

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2021-06-05

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 68-74 Fore St, Brixham TQ5 8AF ENGLAND

Location: Devon (England) - Brixham



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1803 859585