Deal High Street

Deal is a small market town on the south-east corner of Kent on the coast just north of Dover. Despite it's size it has not one but TWO castle (Deal and Walmer)!

Town Centre

The town centre has a number of small shops and is well cared for. The entire centre of the city is pedestrianised and very pleasant indeed.

Deal Market

Deal Market

The Deal Saturday Market is held every week in the Union Road Car Park on the north end of the high street. There are often stalls all along the high street which is closed to traffic.

Deal Pier


Deal Pier is found directly to the east of the town centre and offers great views of the coast.


Deal Castle

Deal Castle is operated by English Heritage and is located just to the south of Deal town centre. Due to the flatness of the landscape, this is not the most impressive looking castle.

Deal Castle

There is on-site parking and there is an admission charge.


There is no parking on the narrow streets of the town centre but the surrounding streets have one hour free parking. The train station (NRLOGO Deal]]) is located a short walk to the west of the town centre.

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