Duke of Cumberland on High Street

Whitstable is located on the north coast of Kent, just to the west of Herne Bay and north of Canterbury. It is a tourist hot spot with a wonderful harbour and seashore. The narrow high street is often quite busy with traffic but has a number of small shops and stretches quite some distance parallel to the ocean. Near the shoreline you can also rent renovated fisherman huts for your holiday.

High Street

Interestingly for an English seaside resort there are a number of old theatres though most are no longer used for this purpose.

Whitstable Harbour

Beach Huts

There are a number of beach huts located in Whitstable Harbour that house small businesses, mostly tourist but also food. The order of the day is, of course, seafood with many selling oysters (that are often not even from the area). There are also a number of boat trips on offer from the harbour area (see the beach huts on the far east side).



The entire town centre narrow streets are closed to parking though there are several large car parks and, if you want to take a chance, on the surrounding streets. The train station (NRLOGO Whitstable) is located a bit of a walk to the south the stretched out town centre.

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