Great Britain - Dorset

A small county on the south coast of England between Hampshire and Devon which largely serves as the site of many holiday homes. Dorset is well known as also being on the border of the New Forest - An amazing area of natural forest in Hampshire.

What To Do

I have not seen a lot but this is what I have so far:

Where to Go

Towns are quite spaced apart but it is certainly worth a wander. be sure to have a look at my Dorset restaurant views here.

Isle of Portland

Coast in Portland

Portland is a small island on the south coast of Dorset that is accessed via a causeway that, on one side, is a busy road but on the other the famous Chisel beach, a long sandy beach that featured in a famous film (“On Chesil Beach”).

Portland Bill

The island has a number of small villages but worth a visit is “Portland Bill” which is a lighthouse on the southern tip of the island. Visitors to Bill should note that there is a charge for parking here and there is a small museum, café and gift shop but best is to go for a walk along the spectacular rocky coastline.


Fishing Boats

A small seaside town where the river Wey meets the south coast. Surprisingly not terribly touristy with a nice central shopping area that has a mix of typical high street shops and local tourist shops complete with several pedestrian-only streets. They still fish here with the marina and harbour still in regular use. Historically, there is the Nothe Fort on the river entrance (entrance fee charged) which is, I am told, worth a visit.

Nothe Fort

There is a nice beach here though a bit rocky without a lot of the arcades and crass shops you might see in other seaside towns. To the east of the town you can see the white cliffs of the south coast, to the west you can see the island of Portland.



There are a number of places to stay in town but we would recommend staying a short distance away from town. We stayed at the lovely “Lyndale Guest House” which is right along the ocean but at the far east of town so much quieter (though in summer parking might be a bit tricky).

Further Information

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