Review of 'Seal Team 666'

Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse

seal_team_666.jpg When out and about at bookstores and conventions over the years you end up with free books that you have picked up sitting on your shelves for years. Some times I never bother reading them but rather send them straight off to charity but often I, eventually, sit down and actually read the book that I had only really picked up because it was free. “Seal Team 666” is one such book. I can't say paranormal military books are not really my cup of tea, but, hey, I am open to new things so I gave it a go.

“Seal Team 666” is an elite Seal team operated by the US Navy that specializes not only in the most difficult missions but also in the paranormal. Cadet Jack Walker is chosen to replace one of the team members who died in their duties. The small, close knit team are led by the by-the-book Lieutenant Commander Sam Holmes who is initially sceptical of the new recruit particularly when he shows a disturbing tenancy to disobey orders. When investigating an illegal tech transfer organization in Chinatown they stumble across a much bigger operation creating suits made from human skin imprinted in tattoos that give their wearer supernatural powers as well as a number of brutal, mystical creatures that have been tasked with protecting the operation. Tracing the trade in this macabre clothing around the world they determine this poses not only a threat to the US but to the world as a mysterious figure seeks domination…

This is a book that fetishes the minutia of warfare with loads of action, violence and gore with a bit of the supernatural thrown in as a bit of the unexpected. Characterization is at a minimum with “FNG” (“F* new guy”) Walker our introduction into this fantastic world. Of course, there is also the love interest but it is through his eyes that we learn what Seal 666 does and how it operates, conveniently setting up a number of sequels that have since been published. In a bit of a twist, Walker has a bit of a supernatural history himself which comes into play later in the story.

Fantasy and horror fans will glory in the introduction of particularly nasty, familiar, creatures such as the homunculus and thrall which are in their glory here as they rip through the human fodder. Deaths here come frequently and vividly with the team pretty much decimated by the end of the story (don't get too attached to any of them) which gives a bit of a feeling of a de-humanized adventure (stuff happens, people react, people die, next bit of stuff happens…). This book is a series of events and exposition rather than any particular story or, rather, the story plays second fiddle to the rest – The story is just an excuse for the action bits with large amounts of exposition thrown in as way of explanation.

An easy read with quite a bit of bloody violence with just a bit too much glorification of being a professional soldier for my liking.

Rating: “Average, but who wants to be average?”

Review Date: 2021-10-16

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Titan Books

Publication Date: 2013

ISBN: 9781781166956