Beach Looking North

Teignmouth is a small seaside town just south of Exmouth on the mouth of the river “Teign”. The ocean-side sand beach is narrow and lined with concrete to keep the waves at bay (swimming is not really recommended) while the inside of the harbour has many boats including the pedestrian ferry across the harbour to the smaller town of “Shaldon”.

Inner Harbour

The small town centre is pedestrian friendly with a number of small shops.

Town Centre

In the warmer weather the town is overrun by English tourists but in the off season is much more tranquil…in a rustic sort of way. The surrounding countryside is spectacular so Teignmouth is a good starting point for walks along the cliffs or exploring the area.

View from East Cliff


Parking is a bit tricky in the town centre but there is a large pay and display at “East Cliff” on the north side of the town at the top of the cliff which is only a short walk from the beach and harbour areas (a smaller free car park is located west of the town centre near the bridge). There is a bridge across the harbour to the west of the town (on the A379).

It is easy enough getting around on foot though the town centre has a lot of winding, narrow roads which can get confusing and the walk up to the East Cliff is quite steep…

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