Plymouth Cliffs

Located on the southern shore of Devon, Plymouth is half on top of cliff and half at sea-level surrounding the mouth of the rivers Plym and Tamar. It is a busy port with numerous sailing boats as well as big ocean-going tankers, cruise and navy ships.

Hoe Park with Lighthouse

The best view is from “Hoe Park” at the top of the cliffs with it's iconic red and white lighthouse as well as copious space for picnicking. The park offers commanding views of the harbour and surrounding area. The cliffs below is where you can find the “Tinside Lido”, an outdoor pool and health spa that allows you to swim at the base of the rocky cliffs in not only their pool but the harbour itself.

Plymouth Cliffs

Good things to do include going down to the old harbour and trying out some of the wonderful pubs or great seafood on offer but otherwise the town center is a bit grim with a lot of concrete, though pedestrian, streets lined with unremarkable, big name shops. The area around the harbour in Sutton Bay and Millbay is really where you want to spend your time as a visitor with their spectacular views and old buildings.

Town Center

Parking can be a problem but there are car parks throughout the city even right at the various harbours. Street parking, though everywhere including on the road leading up to Hoe Park, is a cheaper alternative but can be difficult to find in the busy tourist months.

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