Walking into Clovelly Clovelly, located on the north-western coast of Devon, is a small town on the ocean that is only accessible by rather steep, cobbled, footpath. This has, in recent years, turned into quite a tourist magnet with admission to the village being charged along with the requisite tourism features: a snack shop, souvenirs, massive car park, etc.

Once you get past the normal tourist stuff the village is actually quite pretty and well worth a visit with some nice small shops. It should be noted, however, that the walk in is very steep on potentially very slippery cobblestones. Local people get things to and from the village using sledges though there is vehicle transport to the Red Lion (pub) at the water's edge. Donkeys used to pull the sledges and were themselves once a popular draw for visitors to the village.

Clovelly from the Waterfront

The Red Lion pub and inn on the harbour wall can be quite crowded but serves local seafood. Despite being in the middle of a tourist area the food is remarkably good…if you can brave the crowds and wait for it.

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