A Rare Trip Out - Kensington Gardens in May

2020 - A Year in Review

2020 Country of Living: England in LONDON!

Quite a year it has been with COVID changing everyone's lives and meaning we have not been able to get out but have had lots of time to watch TV and experience the delights on offer with local restaurant delivery. We did manage to get to the US for a vacation just before lock-down (by luck, of course, not design) but otherwise we have pretty much stayed put, having to do with local travel only. I had my hours reduced at work for a few months while Mel was laid off for a time during the first lock down but we are now back to full-time.

We have had some sadness in our family with the loss of my mother's husband, Alex who sadly passed away after a fall resulted in a hospital stay where he quickly deteriorated. This leaves my mother by herself in her Winnipeg flat…though she has found some company with a new cat.


Despite the pandemic we managed to get a bit of travelling in…

  • January - Another company trip to Warsaw. We had been doing these every three months…no longer.
  • January - Visited a friend's AirBnB in Norfolk…saw some seals!
  • February - Visited Chicago, Illinois and New York City just before lock-down.
  • July/August - This would have been our trip to New Zealand, but, sadly it was not to be. I did take the time off and attend virtually though, see my review here.
  • August - Spent a weekend away in West Sussex, most of the time travelling around visiting interesting places.
  • October - Another weekend away, this time in Dorset, specifically, the delightful small town of Weymouth on the south coast.



Reviews of the Year


Attended a few events but after lockdown, of course, we pretty much went on-line…








Managed to pretty much clear the shelves of most of the DVDs and are now down to only three shelves. Likely will be more to go to charity in the future from this. We now watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video more than DVDs.


Between the lock downs we managed to get to a few places…


Not so many books read this year, likely because I was distracted never mind watching films…

Next Year

I am hoping that the vaccine will be given to us soon and we will be able to (1) get out and visit locally again then (2) travel internationally. I know my mother is hoping to visit as soon as she can, which will be good.


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