Review of 'The Fabulous Baker Boys'

fabulous_baker_boys.jpg Two pianists known as the “Fabulous Baker Boys”, Jack (Jeff Bridges) and Frank (Beau Bridges, yes the two are really brothers) are just managing to through a living playing in bars and lounges. Deciding they need to spice up their act they take on a singer, Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer) a former escort who is an immediate hit for the group as they play more are more lucrative gigs. The introspective and quiet, Jack has an immediate attraction to the newest member of the group. With Susie's more flamboyant personality and the stress of the two brother's having played together for so many years tear the group apart?

A quiet character study starting three wonderful actors (only Pfeiffer performed her own music) in the height of their powers. Jeff Bridges is the mysterious Jack who shows his inner feelings to no one, hiding a secret ambition to be more than he is with his brother. Beau Bridges plays the role of the husband wanting a solid financial position to provide for his family so is eager to maintain the status quo, it is he who MC's the show, struggling to have any sort of banter on stage with his brother. Pfeiffer is wonderful as the new member of the trio who is also looking to understand what she wants from life, with even this step the first time she has ever sung before. The three bounce off each other perfectly and with predictable results. When they are on screen the audience is immediately drawn to them, wanting to see what will happen next.

For fans of music, this film is mostly lounge-style though there is a bit of jazz and contemporary thrown in. There is a great deal of variety here to keep everyone entertained but don't expect rock (!).

Enjoyable though not really compelling with the entire film moving at such a glacial pace it is a wonder anything ever happens at all though, admittedly, this may be intentional - showing the difficulty of the two brothers being stuck in a rut. I just found it a bit too slow. Still a bit of light fun with a satisfying conclusion.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2020-03-15

Directed by: Steve Kloves

Studio: Gladden Entertainment

Year: 1989

Length: 114 minutes

Genre: Melodrama