Review of 'Farmageddon'

farmageddon.jpg Shawn the sheep's tranquil life at Mossy Bottom Farm is disrupted by the arrival of an alien spacecraft. It's single occupant is able to mimic any sounds it hears but spreads havoc wherever it goes and soon is taken under the wing (hoof?) of Shawn who helps get it back to it's ship. Meanwhile, the farmer has other plans as he capitalizes on the crowd of visitors the spacecraft attracts by building a high-priced theme park “Farmageddon” to pay for a new combine harvester (after a rather unfortunate incident where Shawn and the alien take a bit of a joy ride…).

Feeling a lot like an extended “Shawn the Sheep” television episode (though the second film for Shawn, the first being Shawn the Sheep Movie), this gentle comedy from Aardman is full of what makes this animation company so special including great characters (none of which speak), a fun story and loads of ironic, silly, humour with the sheep once again making fools of their human keepers. The story is quite light – just an excuse for mayhem as the characters chew up the scenery though there is a bit of a twist towards the end that most over the age of 5 should see coming 10 minutes into the film. There is the ongoing tension of whether the sheep will ever be caught out doing something decidedly non-sheepish but, of course, they never are. The animation is beautiful and charmingly realised with the alien particularly cute and full of personality. For the most part this is all done with hand-posed stop-motion claymation with only the occasional resorting to computer imagery. This is certainly geared towards the younger crowd but adults fans of Aardman or, indeed, Shawn, will likely be satisfied though all others will think it all a bit silly.

Light on story but a lot of good fun “Farmageddon” will keep children very much amused though adults might find it just a tad much…

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2020-12-31

Directed by: Will Becher and Richard Phelan

Studio: Aardman Animations

Year: 2019

Length: 86 minutes

Genre: Animation