Review of 'The Luna Drive In Cinema - Gunnersbury Park'

Another drive in cinema in a summer where they have proliferated due to the COVID epidemic. “Luna Drive In” sets itself above the others with an amazing, professional experience: Number plate recognition on entry, self-contained audio devices and food/drink delivery to the car. The cost is per car and is quite expensive.

For the Gunnersbury Park version the entry was on the south-west side of the park off of the A40 (Westway) though it was initially tricky to find without any signage on the street. Driving up to the entrance, your number plate is automatically read so you do not need to show any tickets and they pass through (using gloved hands from a masked staff member) a large, heavy, audio box to place on the dashboard. On arrival in the grassed arena you are guided to your place a healthy distance from surrounding cars then a plastic marker is set on your side mirror so the staff can deliver food. Toilets are at the back of the arena but they otherwise discourage you from leaving your car.

Dash and Device

Immediately after parking we ordered hot dogs and curly fries which were delivered to the car within 10 minutes (with drinks for the two of us it came to a rather pricey £24.50). A tap on the window and the food was left outside the driver's door. Very good for isolation. We saw Knives Out and the screen was crystal clear though quite small and with a neon “Tuna Cinema” frame that, distractedly, remained lit throughout the show. Bright lights off to the sides of the car park were, thankfully, turned off or turned away for the time we were there.

Though expensive, “The Luna Drive In” is a first class experience though the screen could have been better and without the distracting neon, and external venue signage could be improved.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2020-08-31

Gunnersbury Park

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A large, utilitarian local park, in Acton on the west side of London. It features gardens, large playing fields and tennis courts.