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England - Somerset

Somerset is a land of rolling hills, ravines and farm land. A very rural area with charming farmhouses and beautiful landscape.

Somerset - Near Cheddar


Bath is a wonderful small town the centre of which being the Roman baths. Access to the baths allows you to wander around the ruins of the original baths including the main pool. A audio tour guide is included with your admission and provides valuable insight into how the baths were used and how they were built. A common thing is to sample the waters of the baths themselves available in the Pump Room (restaurant).

Bath - The River Avon

The walk along the river is very picturesque though the charge to enter a park is a bit much…Do wander around the town though to see many older buildings and quiet streets. The Royal Crescent is a beautiful example of colonnade architecture town houses surrounding a (circular) park containing an extremely old, large tree. Quite a sight.

  • Bath - The Royal Crescent

Driving into Bath is NOT recommended and an excellent park and ride is available, parking just outside of the town and taking a quick and efficient bus into the town center (prices are also reasonable).

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Cheddar, of course, is well known for it's famous cheese however, perhaps lesser known, is the Cheddar Gorge which has a series of caves that are well-laid out for tourist visits. If driving, it is recommended that you park on the bottom of the gorge and take a bus that offers frequent service up the gorge to the caves and other attractions. Beautiful views are available by walking along the bath which snakes it's way along the top of the gorge (it is also accessible via a staircase along the gorge road itself).

There are a fair number of tourist shops but a reasonable price can be had for tea and a light meal. Do not forget to sample (if not buy at the inflated prices) the cheese.

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