Town Centre - Bargate

Southampton is a large city to the west of Portsmouth in Hampshire. With a strong naval heritage this industrial town does have a long history. The town is scattered with historical ruminants of the walls that used to surround it's centre though otherwise the heart is dominated by high street shops and lots of concrete streets…not very friendly.

Civic Centre

The “Civic Centre” in the “Cultural Quarter” to the north of the town centre is home to performance venues The O2 Guidhall and The Stage Door] as well as the modern [[|The SeaCity Museum (including Titanic exhibits) and Southampton City Art Gallery.

The city is spread out over quite a distance and a number of the suburbs are a bit deprived. The feeling here is one of a working city with little amenities that might attract visitors.

The central train station is, unsurprisingly, NRLOGO Southampton Central.

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