Great Britain - Derbyshire

Derbyshire is the home of the wonderful Peak District National Park. There are many small towns and wonderful hiking/biking trails.

Ladybower Reservoir (near the A6013)

Peak District

The Peak District is a large area of public land with some wonderful, if spartan, landscape. Many of the roads through this area are very isolated and can be tricky to drive. There are also sporadic train and bus services though car is the best way to reach most secluded areas.

Peak District - Near Glossop

Peak District

Peak District

Peak District


The Rye River in Bakewell

Bakewell is a small town in the middle of the Peak District. There are two markets held in the town centre every Monday.

One of the Markets



The Leaning Spire

Well known for the leaning spire church (caused by the weight of the roofing material), Chesterfield is a cosmopolitan town with a lot of shopping and restaurants. The fact that the core area is on top of a hill makes wandering around the pedestrianized streets a bit problematic.

Market in the Town Square

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