Review of 'Beyond White Space'

beyond_white_space.jpg In 2156 fishing vessel USS Essex is in deep space when it is stripped of it's cargo by a band of pirates. Captain, Ahab, sorry, Richard Bentley (Holt McCallany) suggests to the crew that they could go in search of a gigantic space creature for an enormous payday. The crew is unaware the captain met the creature a number of years previously resulting in the death of his father and him swearing revenge. As the pursuit gets more and more desperate the crew begin to doubt the captain's stated motives…

A thinly-veiled remake of “Moby Dick” in space. However, despite this amazing inspiration, “Beyond White Space” massively disappoints. The effects look great but, sadly, the acting is atrocious and the adapted story is stripped back of any real compassion or humanity. Outside of the captain none of the characters make any impression as stereotypes: The geeky (deeply odd) mechanic, the tough guy, the tough lady, etc, etc. I can't remember their names even if I wanted to. They are all pretty much canon fodder. There is a slight plot twist but, sadly, it is not enough to save this film.

Even at only just over 90 minutes, it seemed about 30 minutes too long as we struggled to pay attention. A great demonstration that special effects do not a movie make.

Rating: “A slight glimmer of hope, but mostly awful”

Review Date: 2021-07-03

Directed by: Ken Locsmandi

Studio: Spoke Lane Entertainment

Year: 2018

Length: 93 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction