Review of 'Dust'

Dust by Hugh Howey
3rd book in the 'Silo' series

dust.jpg The final novel of the “Silo” series finds Juliette, mayor of silo 18 using an uncovered excavator to dig to silo 17, where Solo and his family…along with a scattered population of other survivors await. The excavation ends in a huge tragedy leaving those left in a fight for their lives and Juliette in a state of deep shock and sorrow. In the control silo 1 Donald Keene, unexpectedly awoken from deep cryo-sleep, is working with his sister to try to save the other silos but his health is deteriorating. Having assumed the identity of silo mastermind Thurman, Donald is able to research the entire project and discovers more of it's mysteries but with his health fading and the re-awakening of Thurman time is quickly running out…

The dramatic conclusion to an interesting series of books. Howey manages to satisfactorily bring everything to a close and with a somewhat happy ending which is what the characters really deserve. Along the way there are a lot of surprises and plot twists that keep us entertained along with frequent and brutal violence which has somewhat been a hallmark of this series.

Howey manages to draw out the tension and mystery up until the final few pages and it is all the better for it. He is able to bring this entire world to life and fully immerse the reader in quite a complex mythos that utterly intrigues. The mysteries, when revealed, of course reveal much of the darker side of human nature along with the requisite “bad guy”. The characters themselves are all very human and have their own understandable motivations (even the baddie) – A tribute to Howey's skills. We are immersed in this world and it's people as eager as they are to understand it and come to some sort of conclusion – Wanting the best for these people we have come to understand and love.

Unfortunately the last of the Silo novels, “Dust” brings the “Silo” series to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2021-10-10

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Arrow Books

Publication Date: 2013

ISBN: 9780099586739

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