Review of 'Wendy's'

Born and raised in Canada I grew up with the American hamburger chain Wendy's though my companion has a great deal more memories of the chain than I. I really only remember their small, square hamburgers that taste quite good indeed. Well, now the chain has crossed the ocean and arrived in London on the outskirts of the Stratford Shopping Centre in East London. Yes, not exactly a central location and you have to hunt around to find it but is it worth it?

The restaurant has two floors with various delivery and take-away options. The menu is quite simple: Beef and chicken hamburgers, salads (chicken ceasar, apple cranberry and avocado chicken) and a single offering of chicken nuggets. All are available as a meal (which includes a drink and fries). Sides include baked potatoes, “veggie bites” and fries with various toppings (chilli cheese and baconator) Soft drinks are via the “Coca Cola Freestyle” machines, but they also offer various hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc) as well as their famous “Frosty” (shake) which is available in chocolate or vanilla. The prices are reasonable, along the lines of other fast food chains, but certainly not cheap.

Pickup Window

There was a bit of a queue when we arrived early in the evening on a Friday with only a single teller taking orders. After placing our order we had to wait at the pickup window while it was prepared. Everything is cooked to order so it was a bit of a wait. They still seemed to be getting the hang of it and had a few problems but eventually we had our meal which we took to a table on the first floor.

Burger, Fries, and Drink

I ordered “Dave's Single with Cheese” meal (£5.29) which was cooked very well and quite tasty with a squishy bun that melts into the burger. The meat was juicy and full of flavour with not too many toppings to get in the way. The fries were perfectly fine but not exactly inspiring. My companion had the “Classic Chicken” meal (£5.79) though she had them change the standard soft drink for a chocholate Frosty making the price £6.09. She reported that although the chicken was good she wished she had picked the hamburger.


She reported her “Frosty” was very good indeed. It was rich and extremely thick so she was thankful she had returned to the order window to pick up a (wooden) spoon as, frankly, a paper straw would not have been much good.


Wendy's offers simple, classic American burgers with awesome shakes. It is not the fanciest nor does it offer a huge amount of variety but it does taste quite good. Be sure to have the beef burgers and try a Frosty.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2021-11-26

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 52 Broadway, London E15 1XE ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Stratford

Location: London (England) - Stratford



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