Review of 'German Doner Kebab (Delivery)'

A personal favourite

brand-gdk-logo.jpg With an intriguing name like “German Doner Kebab” (GDK) this clean, modern shop has caught our eye many times as we travelled along Uxbridge Road near Shepherd's Bush: What exactly was a “GERMAN Doner”? What did they bring to the table that our normal Syrian kebab joint did not? A lot, it turns out. This is a refinement of the humble kebab that you simply do not see elsewhere other than, perhaps Maison Bab. GDK offers something a significant cut above a normal kebab joint but not quite fine dining…

Picture this: It is lockdown, a Saturday night and we are looking for something a bit different for delivery. Tired of the fried chicken and pizza of the previous months our thoughts turn to local places we have not yet tried. Hum, how about “German Doner Kebab”, or rather, “what is the name of that nice-looking kebab place on Uxbridge near Shepherd's Bush?”. A quick search on [[|Uber Eats[[ and we were in business. The menu has a surprising variety of dishes on offer, of course there are the doners but this is also accompanied by some intriguing sides: Chilli Cheese Bites, yes, Fries (plain, “flaming”, “cheesey” and curry)), and “Doner Spring Rolls” (Frühlingsrolle). They also offer several different burgers, often with a doner twist, and wraps. Not a standard kebab shop. The prices are high but not excessive and the pictures from the menu are mouth-watering.

We decided to go with the “GDK Boss Box” (£12.99), “A choice of our Original German Doner Kebab, KCal Kebab, Durum or Lahmacun Wrap, served with a portion of our Doner Spring Rolls or Chilli Cheese Bites, a side of Fries, 3 Signature Sauces and a Beverage.” We had to chose the “Original German Doner” option which included a choice of meat (chicken, beef, or a mixture of the two - I picked a mixture of the two) and, sadly, the spring rolls were not available on ordering so we chose the Chilli Cheese Bites and I chose, for £0.50 extra, to have curry spice fries instead of plain. Drinks without a surcharge included, surprisingly, “full fat” offerings (given that there is a sugar tariff on sugary drinks in the UK) such as Coke.

The order arrived piping hot and within minutes of ordering (the store is about half a mile away) and in an impressive looking box:

Boss Box

Opening it revealed a number of delights:

Inside the Boss Box

Wow. Their three “signature” sauces are: Garlic, Spicy and Yoghurt, all of which were delicious either with the chips (fries) or on the kebab itself. The kebab was the star of the show.

The Original German Doner Kebab

This was simply delicious: A freshly made wrap, a good amount of fresh toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage), perfectly balanced sauces as well as the incredibly tender, full-flavoured meat. They did not need the extra sauces as it was so full of flavour. Unlike most kebabs there was also no hint of grease or anything coming from the kebab making it easy to eat though this was made even easier by a perfectly cut piece of grease paper allowing you to hold it tidily in your hand. The cheesey bites actually tasted of gooey cheese with a nice hint of spicy hotness and the fries were crispy, cooked perfectly (not over, not under).

Opened up...

At getting up to £30 for two people for a takeaway kebab, it is a bit pricey but you certainly get what you pay for with not only great flavour but also a good portion size. It really seems that GDK care about the product they deliver with the care they take in their offering with the consideration they take in packaging, their web site and their store. The fact they have great food means it is likely they will be around for some time to come. We will most certainly be trying them again.

This is not your normal kebab.

A word on the shop if you decide to visit: It is a small, quite nice looking glitzy shop a few doors down from the Shepherd's Bush Market tube station. There are a few tables and bar-style seating inside (when there is no pandemic) as well as a takeaway service.

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2021-01-16

Cuisine: Turkish

Address: 220 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7JD ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Shepherd's Bush Market TUBE Shepherd's Bush

Location: London (England) - Shepherd's Bush



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8742 9868