Wales - Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is the westernmost county in Wales, lying directly west of Carmarthenshire. There are no motorways here so getting around is a bit tricky with it's small winding roads through rolling hills.



Fishguard is a small town on the north coast of Pembrokeshire which serves as a port for the ferry to Ireland.


St. Mary's Church

The busy commercial town of Haverfordwest is in the middle of Pembrokeshire with a charming city centre with steep high street with the blue walls of St. Mary's Church overlooking. Parking is a bit of an issue with very limited parking on the narrow, busy streets.

Bridge Over the Western Cleddau


Pembroke Castle

Pembroke is a small working town in the south of Pembrokeshire and home to Pembroke Castle. The castle is a museum on the top of a mound with admission charge overlooking the “mill pond” at it's base.

Mill Pond

The ancient Northgate Street has pubs on each bank which offers a great opportunity to have a drink and something to eat while looking out over the peaceful mill pond.

High Street

The unremarkable, and somewhat disappointing, high street ends with the castle on the south. Parking is available at large car parks at the base of the castle when approaching from the south though there are much smaller car parks near the bridge at the base of the castle on the mill pond.

St. Davids

St Davids Cathedral

St. Davids main claim to fame is generally that it is the western most town in Wales but it also in the middle of no where. It has a magnificent cathedral, St. Davids Cathedral and the equally impressive Bishop's Palace ruins adjacent.

Town Centre

There are several old, nice pubs in the town which also serves as a base for walkers and those doing outdoor activities as it is the largest town around. The largest car park is opposite the Bishop's Palace at the bottom of the hill and is “pay and display” (with a long, rather steep walk back to the town).


Tenby Castle Beach and St. Catherine's Island

Located on the south coast of Pembrokeshire Tenby is a quirky, interesting city with dramatic vistas and coastline.

City Walls

Entering the town you must pass through the city walls. Parking is found in various car parks near the wall or, if you want to take your chances, on the narrow streets of the town.

Tenby Castle

Overlooking the town is the single tower of Tenby Castle which is surrounded by a small park containing the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery. A small path surrounds the castle mound with the RNLI lifeboat station on the north, views of St. Catherine's island on the south-east, castle beach with south beach in the distance on the south-west, and views of the town to the west as well as the charming, somewhat steep-walled, harbour.

Tenby Harbour

There is a small, unremarkable, market with a butcher and a few small shops.

Tenby Market

The town can be very crowded in good weather. With lots of ice cream shops it makes it a bit easier to take…

Town Centre

There are boat trip tours of the surrounding shoreline and islands. Tickets can be purchased at the top of the harbour area at the base of the castle.

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