Review of 'Stein's At Home (Cook at Home)'

logo.jpg We have always enjoyed Rick Stein both from his television shows and his restaurants (see my reviews here and here). Stein is a cook that believes in simplicity: Fresh ingredients, prepared simply and very well. In the lockdown we have, of course, been unable to visit his restaurants but we were happy to hear of his “Stein's At Home” service where you choose what dishes you want that are sent to you in a box, ready for quick assembly and enjoyment. This is not simply a delivery service, there is some preparation required such as some cooking but this is minimal with clear instructions provided not only on an enclosed sheet but also in online videos that walk you through the process. This is quality food that, of course, comes at a cost with the boxes serving two people starting at round the £40 mark plus delivery (£7.95) and you have to book it a few days in advance. With all of this in mind we decided to try “The Indonesian Curry Box” for £55. A few days later, the courier delivered it to our door.


Delivered in a good, study box, the ingredients were all in cool bags (with cooling agent) along with the instructions.

Box Packaging

As it arrived early in the morning we popped it into the fridge, ready for dinner later in the evening. With a great deal of anticipation we were ready for the dinner when the time came, preparing our modest table for the meal to follow.


Opening the cool boxes, each of the components were contained in plastic bags and clearly labelled. There were a lot of bags and absolutely everything we needed was included.

Inside Box

Our menu was supposed to begin with “Moules Mariniere” but we had been informed shortly after ordering that mussels this time of year are spawning so cannot be harvested. Instead, they substituted this with their “Grilled Scallops” starter from their “premium lobster box” which, of course, we welcomed whole-heartedly.


The scallops were already prepared in their half shells so all that was required was placing of the seasoned butter slices on top of each and putting them under the grill for a few minutes.


The scallops were absolutely gorgeous - tender and sweet with the delicious butter and juices soaked up with the provided sourdough bread. As with all of the seafood included here, it must have just come off the boat either earlier the same day of delivery or late the previous evening, as it was so incredibly fresh with none of the “fishy” smell you would associate with fish not quite so fresh.

Side Salad

For the main, there was a side green bean and grated coconut salad with crisp fried shallots, garlic and chilli that had a rather divisive dressing - I found it perfectly fine but my companion found it a bit too “musty” or “fishy” with the primary ingredient being rather smelly shrimp paste. The salad was just mixed together in a bowl so not much in the way of preparation here…


The main consisted of the “Indonesian Seafood Curry” which was assembled by putting coconut cream, curry paste and fish in a saucepan for only a few minutes before serving. We both found this very bland, which was surprising given it being a curry, but the fish was incredibly fresh and there were a good number of rather good-sized prawns.


After all of this food, we were a bit full so we actually ate the dessert a few days later. This was a “Passion Fruit Eton Mess” that required we whip up the (provided, of course) double cream and vanilla sugar to “stiff peaks” then mix it with two rather large meringues that arrived in the package without any damage…that we crumbled into pieces. The fresh passion fruit over the top added a lovely sharpness to this simple. but delicious dessert.

All in all, the process of ordering, delivery and preparation was as simple it could possibly be. The food was really good with the only real complaint being the general lack of flavour in the curry dish (a problem I seem to remember with the same dish in the restaurant, so at least they are consistent). It was a bit expensive but when you consider the work that has gone into the menu, the fact it serves, very comfortably, two people and the quality of the ingredients, I think it is quite reasonable.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2021-03-28

Cuisine: American/British

Address: Riverside, Padstow, PL28 8BY ENGLAND

Location: Cornwall (England)



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