Town Square

The charming village of Nantwich is located in Cheshire, a few miles southwest of Crewe. The wonderful old buildings and winding cobble streets are great to visit.

Indoor Market

There is an indoor market just to the north of St Mary’s Church on the corner of “Market Street” and “Churchside” which is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (though limited hours). The framers' market is held on the last Saturday of every month in the town square.

River Weaver

To the west of the town centre is the River Weaver with a surrounding park area.

Town Centre

The high street is closed to traffic and lined with many ancient buildings now housing some typical high street brands but there are also a good number of local shops as well.

Holly Holy Day

Town Crier Opening the Day

On the Saturday closest to January 25th every year the town remembers the English Civil War “Battle of Nantwich” in 1644. It is known as “Holly Holy” with the traditional belief that the people of Nantwich wore holly sprigs in their hats in celebration of the Parliamentarian victory. In modern times, the day sees events throughout the town mostly centred about the town square outside the church.

Morris Dancing! Troop Display in Town Square

Just before 2 pm a procession of re-enactment troops parades down Welsh Row into town square then down into Mill Island park for a re-enactment. Sure, all of this is a bit corny but perhaps worth seeing at least once…It is quite impressive and you might just learn something of English history!

Down Welsh Row Mill Island Re-Enactment

If you wish to visit then be aware that the town is, understandably, very busy so parking may be an issue (public transportation may be a better option). There is also a small admission fee charged for the “Battle of Nantwich” re-enactment.

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NRLOGO Nantwich is located a short distance to the south of the town centre within easy walking distance. There are a number of car parks in the town so follow signposts as you go in watching for the one way system in place for traffic. The “Bowling Green” car park is centrally located just beside the church and has a good number of places.

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