I lived in Woking from Fall 1999 to January 2002. It is a small town located about 10 miles from Guildford and about 20 miles out of London on a major rail link connecting the cities.

Woking City Centre

Woking is a working town, serving largely as a bedroom town for London commuters. It is relatively quiet though a large market is held in the centre of the town every Saturday from about 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Woking Civic Council Offices

Woking is located on the Basingstoke Canal though this, in combination with the railway, is really the only major routes in and out of the town. There are no major roads linking Woking with the rest of the country so you must drive at least 5 miles before reaching a major highway (the closest being the M25 and A3).

Basingstoke Canal

The canal is located directly across a small road from the main town centre (on the opposite side of the Peacocks Shopping Centre) and is reached by crossing the road and then a small footbridge leading from the town.

Basingstoke Canal - The other way

There are many areas of parkland around the town and closeby is the large Horsell Common featured as the landing spot in HG Well's War of the Worlds.

Woking Parkland

Woking Park just to the south east of the town centre is also the center for many of the towns activities including bonfire night as well as the ongoing attraction of it's liesure centre.

Woking Park

The Woking Football Club is not exactly Premiership football but they do provide good fun for the locals (and not-so locals). Seating at their home in Kingfield Stadium (just south of Woking Park) is for the most part unreserved with tickets available at the door (turnstile) for about 9 pounds.

Home of the Woking Football Club (WFC) - Kingfield Stadium

Eating Out

Woking is not well known for eating establishments, having all major fast-food outlets and more than it's share of Tandoori shops.

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