Great Britain - Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is in the East Midlands, east of Warwickshire, south of Leicstershire and Rutland, west of Cambridgeshire, north-west of Bedfordshire, north of Buckinghamshire, north-east of Oxfordshire and south-west of Lincolnshire. It is likely most noted for it's capital Northampton and being the home of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.


Silverstone is a small village in Northamptonshire that is home to the world famous yearly Formula One British Grand Prix car race. The racecourse itself is accessible during race days but there is also a small museum on site that periodically offers tours of the track.

The Silverstone Experience

The Silverstone Experience

The Silverstone Experience or “Silverstone Interactive Museum” is located at the Silverstone race course in Silverstone in an old aircraft hanger (from when the track was used as an airport). Accessible really only by car, follow the signs to the museum as you enter the site to a large car park in front of the hanger. it is open all year around.

Inside View

The museum is spread over two floors with the ground floor and entrance containing a small gift shop and café while the first floor has a small events area with views over an old section of the track and the main entrance to the exhibits. The museum itself charges admission but the ticket can be used for a whole year to return again and again.

Museum Ground Floor

The start of the museum is an audio/video display featuring cars from the past and present as you stand on the start/finish grid. When the doors open the displays start with a history of the site including as a monastery, farms then as a air strip and finally as a race course. Downstairs the vehicle displays are arranged chronologically with lots of static displays of paraphernalia (including virtual recreations of every grand prix programme) as well as separate displays on things such as safety, the media and the technology of racing. At the end of the exhibit there is a video/audio experience that simulates a lap around the track with famous drivers/cars of old which is not that great.

Static Displays

There are lots of activities for children but plenty to see for adults as well including plenty of cars.

Outside of the back door of the museum there is a short walk that takes in an old section of the track and allows you to get to the edge of the racecourse (near Luffield Corner).

Walk - Track Edge Walk - Luffield Corner Terrace

Watch for (rare) tours of the track which use a coach to take you onto the actual racecourse including stopping at the start/finish line where you can walk the grid, visit the pits themselves, wave a chequered flag at the finish line and visit the podium.

Tour - Start Line Tour - Podium Tour - Start Finish Building

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