Located in the midlands, Warwickshire is a land of farmer's fields and secluded, tiny, towns in England's heartland.


The Avon

Stratford is the most visited area of Warwickshire by many tourists that visit England every year as it is the home of William Shakespeare.


There are a few things of note in Stratford, though not a wide variety of activities. This is a place of liesure (despite the many tourists) and perhaps should be enjoyed at an easy pace. The attractions that exist tend to focus on the Shakespearean past of the area, many of which belong to The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust which preserves the various sites. A daily pass which provides access to all such sites at a flat rate is available at a nominal cost.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage - Located just northwest of the town, this suprisingly large house was the home of Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway. This house is well known for it's spectacular gardens. (Operated by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust).

Shakespeare's Birthplace

  • Shakespeare's Birthplace - The most visited of the town's attractions this is located right in the middle of the town. This is Shakespeare's home for much of his life and is part of a larger exihibit known as the Shakespeare Center which you must enter to give access to the house. The Center contains a small number of exhibits about the town and Shakespeare's life. The house is sparsely furnished, the floors are NOT original and neither are the few furnishings in place which is somewhat disappointing (never mind the large number of people always in the house at any given time). It is interesting to get a (small) sence of how Shakespeare lived but it is difficult with the distractions…(Operated by the Shakespearean Trust).

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

  • Royal Shakespeare Theatre/Swan Theatre/The Other Place - This is the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company who put on many performances in these two theatres located right on the Avon. The Theatre itself is a Art Deco style, modern theatre however the Swan Theatre is a recreation of the theatre of the same name which was located in London (though a number of consessions have been made including a roof and, of course, artificial lighting). There is an exhibit area which, when I visited, was displaying various costumes. I would suggest a visit to the theatre – a great way to experience some of the best theatre in England. The Other Place is an experimental theatre located just down the street from the main theatre complex beside the Dirty Duck pub. Phone: (01789) 205 301
  • Mary Arden's House & Shakespeare Countryside Museum - Located a fair distance north of the town, this is the home of Shakespeare's mother. This is one of the best attractions, being a bit of a distance from the town it is one of the least visited (perhaps that is what makes it more appealing). The house is combined with a agricultural museum and falconry exhibits which add to the experience. Very interesting. Note: Highly recommended is to listen to the guides in each room of the house who have very interesting things to say. (Operated by the Shakespearean Trust).

Guide Friday's offers a tour of the town that takes in all major Shakespeare Attractions including Mary Arden's and Anne Hathaway's homes which is a great way to get around considering the traffic and winding roads…

Driving into Stratford is a bit of a problem and it is recommended that if you do so, park the car as soon as possible in the many car parks on the road into the town (one of the best is at the Liesure Centre which is within easy walking distance of the town centre).

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Warwick Castle - Inside

The main attraction in Warwick is the castle and it's magnificant gardens on the banks of the Avon. The castle is in terrific shape and has exhibits scattered throughout including various mannequins courtesy of it's new owners: The Tussauds Group (the same people that run Madame Tussauds in London as well as a number of other entertainment ventures). The historical material is minimal at best (the exception being in the Armoury) but very well presented. Emphasis has been placed on showing the castle much as it would have looked when inhabited: In various different periods (Medieval and Victorian…). The live demonstrators are very good, we saw a bowman who was very good outside the castle walls. The price is a bit expensive but there is a LOT to see both in the castle and in the gardens.

Warwick Castle - Along the Walls

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