England - Scarborough

The Grand Hotel

The classic seaside resort of Scarborough (of a MUCH higher standing than others such as Blackpool or Brighton. Though a shade of it's former glory there is still the Grand Hotel and a few, rather disappointing, attractions at the seafront. It is still a very picturesque town definitely worth an explore. Walking around the town (and surrounds) is very easy with many paths around the town.

Eastborough Road - Scarborough

The Scarborough Market (Market Hall) in St. Helen's square is a small market in the town centre that has a number of small local food vendors (including a couple of very good butchers) as well as other vendors of non-edibles.

The Beach - South Sands (castle is in the distance on top of the hill)

The castle looms over the town but is largely a ruin (run by English Heritage) though offers tremendous views of the town and surrounding coastline.

Seafront Attractions

The small marina is home to a number of fishing boats (with a few small nearby stalls selling fresh seafood) as well as companies offering speed boat trips on the ocean.

Continuing on from around the marina around the base of Castle Hill along the concrete ocean defences eventually you arrive at the northern extent of the town and the North Sands. This is a largely residential area.

Looking Over the Lower Town (from castle mound)

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