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England - Surrey

Public Footpath Near Send

Surrey has some of the most gorgeous scenery in England despite being very close to the city (London). Many people visit Guildford, Woking and other large towns but the real charm of Surrey lies in the rural areas. Wonderful walks across the north downs and through the small villages are some of the ways the locals enjoy their home.

East Clandon (Wishing Well Pub in Distance)

East Clandon (Church on Left)

Newland's Corner is a popular place on the North Downs where people have meals and walk along the North Down's Way, part of the Pilgrim's Way leading from Winchester to Canterbury (quite a walk).

St. Martha's Church, Shalford

The Hog's Back is a well-known geographic feature between Guildford and Farnham. Along the top is the main road leading between the two towns.

View from the Hog's Back

There are many small towns located throughout Surrey where you can grab a quick meal at a local pub or watch a cricket match.

Abinger Hammer - So named because of the forge that used to be located here



There are many things to see however, some of my highlights:

  • Guildford - My home between 1998 and 1999
  • Woking - My home town from Fall 1999 to January 2002
  • Hampton Court Palace - A great palace located just outside of the main area of London, the former home of Henry the 8th, the buildings are only half the story with magnificent gardens (including a maze) surrounding it. Well worth the (significant) admission price.

Hampton Court Palace Hampton Court Palace - Back Courtyard Hampton Court Palace - The Gardens Hampton Court Palace - The Gardens in Spring (with the daffodils in bloom)

  • Clandon Park - Operated by the National Trust, this property is located just to the east of Guildford and boasts a wonderful house and gardens. The Marble Hall, first viewed when entering the house, is absolutely tremendous with a wonderful ceiling. An eclectic mix of various antiques and a modest garden. Also includes a small museum for the Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment. Within a short bicycle drive (or bus ride to Clandon) of Guildford. Phone: (01483) 222 482

Clandon Park

  • Hatchlands Park - Another property operated by the National Trust, this is located just outside of East Clandon (down the road from Clandon Park). Smaller house with a good number of walks through the surrounding woods. Phone (01483) 223 479

Hatchlands - The main house

  • Polesden Lacey - Another property operated by the National Trust, this is located just north of Dorking (just a small distance south of Leatherhead). Smaller house with wonderful gardens. Phone (01372) 458 203

Polesden Lacey - Looking south over the North Downs

  • Surrey County Show - Held late every May (on the bank holiday Monday) this is held in Stoke Park in Guildford. This show is a combination of (small) steam rally, shopping mall, agricultural show, craft exhibits, things to eat, and local talent show. A bit expensive but a great day out, unfortunate that it is only one day long as MANY people visit (at 30,000 people each year, this show is the largest one-day show in Britain – come early if you want to park anywhere NEAR the main entrance – parking is free and there are also free shuttles to and from satellite parking areas). More shopping than most other county (and country) shows which does detract somewhat from the 'country' atmosphere.

Canal information:

  • Basingstoke Canal - A smaller canal than the Wey, this canal is much more peaceful and much closer to my former home in Woking.
  • Wey Canal - The wonderful canal system that winds it's way from the Thames south through Surrey all the way to the English Channel.