Shrewsbury, England

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Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire lying in a loop of the river Severn.


River Severn Park Near Welsh Bridge, Opposite the Theatre

In the warmer weather, boat trips are available to take in the views. A great option is to follow the trail along the river.

The Dingle

The Dingle

Quarry Park is the large (free) park to the west of the town centre on the bend in the river which is home to “The Dingle”, a small but beautiful gated garden just below Saint Chad's church.

The Dingle View of the Church

This is a great place to sit, away from the surrounding city and take in a bit of nature.

Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury is located near the east side of the “English Bridge”, regretfully, surrounded by a number of rather noisy restaurants and bars. There is no entrance fee.

Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury Castle is located immediately adjacent to the magnificent train station, overlooking the city. There is an entrance fee.

Shrewsbury Cathedral (RC)

Shrewsbury Cathedral

The small Shrewsbury Cathedral (1851) is located to the south of the city centre on the old city walls, overlooking the river but on the busy “Town Walls” road. No entrance charge.


There are, of course, several shopping malls in the middle of the city (including the lamentable Darwin Centre or the largely abandoned hulk of “Riverside Shopping Centre”) but you are better off trying some of the more traditional markets…

Old Market

Old Market

Farmers' and specialist markets take place in “Shrewsbury Square” on the 1st Friday of each Monday 9am – 3.30pm and the “Made In Shropshire” craft market takes place on 2nd Saturday of each month in the Square 9am – 5pm. The square is also home to the Old Market Hall, now a mix-entertainment venue.

Old Market Hall

The Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery is on the far side of the market (which also has a cafe).

Shrewsbury Market Hall

Market Hall Tower

The Shrewsbury Market Hall is located at the bottom of the hill in the middle of the city, easy found by looking for the tall, modern clock tower. Though housed in a rather ugly looking modern building, the hall is home to a large number of food vendors, restaurants and small stalls selling everything from art to books.

Market Hall

A great place to grab something to eat (avoid peak times otherwise it may be difficult to find a seat) or to just browse. Be sure to climb to the upstairs to visit the stalls in the gallery.


Theatre Severn

Theatre Severn is a live theatre venue on the north side of the town centre, on the north bank of the river.

Getting Around

The town centre is quite crowded and often closed to traffic so visitors are advised to use the Park and Ride service which costs £2 per person with car parks in the north, south and west sides of the city. Note that this service is closed on Sundays.

It is easy enough to get around the centre of the town on foot though note that it can be a bit hilly.

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