Great Britain - Herefordshire

A beautiful part of England. On the western border of England with Wales it is home to some stunning rural scenery. The only city of reasonable size is “Hereford” with it's famous cathedral.

Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat is the oldest tourist destination in the UK and is well worth the visit. Located on the Wye river in Herefordshire at the end of a small road it is home to several B&Bs, a large pub and a hotel as well as a number of walking trails along the river and up into the surrounding hills. A large car park is at the end of the village (on the east side).


“West Symonds Yat” is generally a number of houses used for B&Bs while “East Symonds Yat” is where the hotels and cafés are located. The two are connected by a hand-pulled ferry across the Wye operated by the staff of The Saracens Head Inn (so if they are busy it might be a bit tricky to get across), otherwise there is a (metal) rope bridge a 1 1/4 miles walk to the south…

Rope Bridge


One thing to do is to follow the very steep trail from Symonds Yat near the Royal Lodge (hotel) up to the top of “Yat Rock” (there is an easier path or you can also drive…if you are less adventurous).

View from the Top Café at Top

Another worthwhile walk is to follow the trails to the south of the village, across the rope bridge then further south up into the hills to see “Arhur's Cave” (get a map, honestly).

Arthur's Cave

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