Mont-St-Michel is an iconic place in France. Who can forget seeing the spire at the top of the small, round island a short distance from the shore. Amazing. It has an incredible 1,200 year history having been used as both a religious site but also, in it's later life in the 19th century, as a prison


Mont-St-Michel is located in Normandy on the north west coast of France with Guernsey only a short distance away off-shore. You park in massive car parks on the mainland (there is no charge for parking) then, after purchasing your island tickets in the visitor centre, make your way to the island either on foot or by coach. Though there is a road all the way up to the main entrance it can only be used by authorized vehicles such as the buses or disabled people. The distance is a little over 1/2 km and walking is along a path on the top of the roadside embankment which can be a bit tricky.


Returning we took a horse drawn cart back which was quite a relief (if a bit expensive).

Many people walk across the mud flats to St-Michel which can be a bit tricky as the mud is quite deep and the tide comes in quite quickly though note that the abbey is accessible 24 hours a day by the causeway.


The site consists of the church at the top point in the middle of the island but with what is essentially a small town around the base. You arrive at the island through a gate that takes you along a winding road lined with shops, restaurants and hotels. There are huge walls here as well that also have paths along the top offering good views of both the island and the wonderful, though plain, landscape around.



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There is a charge for entering the church with the option of a audio guide (which is highly recommended).


The abbey site is largely unfurnished as it was cleaned out before it was used as a prison in the 19th century so today there is only a small number of pews and an alter in the main hall.


It can be very crowded and noisy throughout the abbey but it has a very interesting history as well as some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.


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