Paris - From the Top of Notre Dame

Paris is truly a European city with many cafes, people and a night life second to none! There are many things to see and do in the city. Distances between areas are quite large so taking the Metro or a bus is a must (driving is definitely best left to the locals!).


The following are some of the things to see and do in Paris:

  • Boat Tour on the Seine - A great way to see the city and to get your bearings.

The Louvre

  • The Louvre - Surely one of the most impressive museums in the world and housing some of the world's most famous and important art objects. They say you can spend days walking in the many halls and never see all the exhibits – believe it! Watch for the queues which tend to be long (Tip: Enter through the mall below the Louvre main courtyard instead of outside at the pyramid and avoid some of the crowds).
  • Notre Dame - A tremendously historical cathedral in an island in the middle of the Seine. Tremendous views are afforded to those who take the time (and money) to climb to the top of the towers (though a bit windy).

Getting Around

The Metro is the simplest way to get around the city. There are no “fare” zones in the city – the same price gets you to anywhere in the city. The map can be a bit confusing.

On a Metro Platform

Further Information

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