La Plagne

Relaxing in the Sun

One of the largest ski resorts in France La Plagne offers very good skiing regardless of skiing ability. Located in the southern Alps, most of the runs are “blues” (“intermediate”) but these runs vary greatly in terms of challenge. The off-piste and black runs are certainly a challenge (very bumpy and steep).

View from the Top


Each of the main villages of La Plagne:

  • Les Coches - Really just a stop-over between La Plagne and Les Arcs (where the cable car connecting the two is located).
  • Belle Plagne - My favourite. Small town feel with no vehicles allowed and interesting accommodation/restaurants (we have stayed here twice now)

Belle Plagne "Street"

  • Plagne Bellecote - A bit 1960s. Not my preference.
  • Plagne Soliel - A strange village basically housed in one long high-rise apartment complex with restaurants and other facilities located on a single floor.
  • Plagne Villages - Located just above Plagne Centre
  • Plagne Centre - The main village but seems to be quite devoid of any character. I would stay in one of the other, smaller, villages

Plagne Centre

  • Aime La Plagne
  • Plagne 1800

Tacky Tourist Shops in Belle Plagne


All villages are connected via a free transport system (mostly frequently running buses but there are also a series of late-running cable-car systems also operating).

Belle Plagne

If you are visiting the resort for a week be sure to spend at least one day over in Les Arcs which is accessible via the L'Arpette lift which you then take over towards Les Coches then take the “Vanoise Express” cable car across the valley to “Les Arcs”.

Vanoise Express

The resort is accessible via the Snow Train from London (Waterloo).


Other than skiing…and eating…there are other things to do mostly related to adrenaline sports.


Top of Track

For those interested in a bit of a different thrill, it is worth checking out the bobsleigh track halfway between Plagne 1800 and La Roche (quite a ways down the mountain). The track was used for the 1992 Olympic games and offers various experiences including the 4-seater “Bobraft” which involves little skill (you sit and it goes down the run), single-seater “Mono-Bob” (you are in control) or the “Taxi Bob” (you are with a professional driver). Obviously, there are restrictions as far as age and health are concerned.


At the bottom of the run you are returned to the top to retrieve your belongings. The prices are quite expensive but it is a lot of fun. You can purchase a video of your experience at the end of your run.

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