Hong Kong

Hong Kong from the Peak

Hong Kong has always been called a city but it is, however, a region composed of a number of different regions and smaller towns. Many people visit Hong Kong and yet fail to visit more than one or two of these regions preferring, instead, to stay in the central area shopping and sleeping in their large western hotels. This is unfortunate as there is much to see and a lot of humanity to experience…

Me in the Harbour

I hope you enjoy my overview of this wonderful country…

Getting Around

This is always an interesting experience since there are so many different choices. The quickest and most efficient method is to use the MTR system (a subway, or underground, system). To use the MTR a travel card is required which is available from all stations, a suggestion, if you are going to be travelling quite a bit around the area, is to buy a larger denomination card such as $100 (HK) which we found we used within about 5 days of travelling (either that or stump up on the $100 deposit and buy a stored-value Octopus Card). All travel on the MTR is charged on a basis of how many stations you travel between. The service is quick, clean and can be VERY busy (yes, they do actually push you on the train in rush hour – keep an eye out for people standing in front of the doors wearing white gloves). CAUTION: Be aware that certain portions of the MTR charge a higher rate, for example, crossing under the harbour. From the airport, there is direct MTR service through Kowloon to Hong Kong Island.

The Airport (at Chek Lap Kok)

Other than the subway, there are many buses operating throughout the territory and there are also privately run smaller buses/vans that seat about 20 though it should be noted that the rates for these buses is NOT regulated.

Small Taxis

To get to some of the outlying islands ferry services are provided though hovercraft and hydrofoils are sometimes in use. Many of these services depart from the Admiralty area.

The BEST way to get from the Tsim Tsau Tsui area to Central is to use the Star Ferry, one of the famous attractions of the area. It is cheap, you get a great view of the harbour though it takes a LOT longer than the MTR. A great way to get a good idea of how people really live in this city.

Star Ferry at Pier Star Ferry and Junk

If taking a bus, one app that really impressed me for my Android phone was CitybusNWFB which, while only useful for CityBus buses provides very useful features beyond simple schedules: When on a bus, for example, you can tell it what stop you want to get off at and it will tell you as you approach your stop. Not only that it will show you what the area around the stop looks like…And, it is in English! Nice.

On Hong Kong Island there are the traditional narrow trams that are a fun way to see the area though a bit small.

Trams Tram

Of course, there are also the ever-present red taxis…


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