Hong Kong and Singapore Journal 2013


Every few years I get an itch. Nothing contagious, mind you, but an itch. It is an itch to return to Hong Kong and Singapore Journal 2013. Having visited several times in the past (see my journals here (1997), here (1999) and here (2007)) I am always driven to return and see it again, for the first time. Now with my wife, Mel, never having visited Asia was an additional motivation - Nothing like seeing things differently when you travel with someone who has never been there and, with my experience there, I can make the whole trip a lot easier for the both of us.

Ok, so want to go to Hong Kong and having set aside two weeks a colleague at work says “are you spending the whole two weeks in Hong Kong?” made me think, hum, that is true. We could probably comfortably spend two weeks in Hong Kong doing things but I have seen it before so why not take a side trip somewhere else? Further thinking and we came up with Singapore - It is small, easy to get around (language is not a problem), and relatively local to Hong Kong (well, within a few hours flying time).

The stage was set.

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