It is now three weeks after our vacation in Singapore and Hong Kong that I look back on these words and relive the experiences. We really did a lot and I am quite pleased with the whole experience.

I have to say the day with Raymond and his family has to be the outstanding highlight of the trip both emotionally and culturally - I felt a lot closer to both him but also to his way of life that day. It really was quite an eye opener and so very much enjoyable.

What has pleased me most of all about the trip is that Mel so readily adapted to the vastly different culture and seemed so comfortable - I am so at ease there it was nice to see that she was also. This means that future visits will be so much easier and as I love visiting Asia so much it makes me glad that she will be happy to be there as well. Maybe she will develop my “Hong Kong itch” as well?

Perhaps next time something not quite so “easy”, Thailand, Malaysia, …? Places I would never consider visiting myself but where two sets of eyes and a shared experience (particularly with someone you love) would be so very much better.

It was so much fun sharing this entire experience with my wife and I look forward to many more such experiences in the coming years…