View of Aberdeen from the Peak

Aberdeen is an area on Hong Kong Island to the south-west of The Peak.

Ocean Park

Main Entrance

On the south side of the island between Repulse Bay and Aberdeen Ocean Park is a Chinese theme park featuring a number of good roller coasters and other rides as well as various ocean life exhibits (all included in the price of the admission). It is easiest to access the park via a public bus operating by CityBus but there are car parks here also. The main entrance of the park (the “Aqua City” area) features some large exhibits and is also where the nightly water fountain show “Gala of Lights” is held.


Walrus in the Show

There is also a regular show featuring various sealife in the “Ocean Theatre” (in the “Marine World” area) but there is also a “Marine Mammal Breeding & Research Center” which is well worth a visit.

Marine Mammal Breeding & Research Center

The park is spread across two valleys and the top of a mountain. Access to the different areas is via a long escalator and a gondola.

View from Above


The biggest attraction here are the wonderful rides particularly the ones on the top of the mountain which have the added view of spectacular views in all directions.



There is lots to see here and it is well worth a visit (language is not an issue with English throughout).

City Recreation

Jumbo Restaurant

Waiting for the Ferry

Jumbo Kingdom (see my review here is a rather expensive floating restaurant in the middle of Aberdeen harbour. It is hard to miss as it's garish lights can be seen for miles. The easiest way to visit is to take a taxi to the car park (the restaurant pays any taxi fares) then take the free ferry to the restaurant.

Fish Tanks

Located at the back of the restaurant, the fish tanks near the kitchens are worth a visit to see what delicacies are on offer (and, if you like, you can purchase them for use at home).

The Restaurant

The restaurant is split into multiple areas that offer their own menus (the “Dragon Court” and the main “Jumbo” areas).

View from the Ferry Pier

Do not expect a “normal” menu and also expect to pay about $1,500 per person (if you do not eat too much). The menu is sprinkled with “birds nest”, “abalone”, “sharks fin” and “harsma” . This is a place for a special occasion.