Hong Kong Island

Harbour Road

Many people believe that Hong Kong consists of only an island – Hong Kong Island – but this is not the case with many outlying islands and a large area of main land (including the New Territories). The island is the business heart of Hong Kong with a number of banks but also a number of interesting tourist activities.


The island consist of the Admiralty/Central area on the north side of the island closest to Kowloon on the harbour which is where you can catch ferries to other islands and the mainland (including the Star Ferry). You can access the Mid-Levels area by the Mid-Level escalator. On the south-west side there is Aberdeen a former fishing village but now a city in it's own right. Along the coast east of Aberdeen is Repulse Bay then the market town that is Stanley. On the north side of the island from Stanley is the Happy Valley area (with it's famous horse racing track) and Wan Chai (where the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is located – the site of the 1997 handover ceremonies).

What to See

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Sign View in Hong Kong Park (SW)

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (free admission) is located on the north side of the island mountains between Wan Chai and Central.

Central Section Ring-Tailed Lemur Zoo Area

It is home to wonderful gardens and a walk-through aviary.

Aviary (SW) Bird (SW)

Noon Day Gun

Noon Day Gun Firing

Every day at noon the “Noon Day Gun” is fired on the north shore of the island in Causeway Bay. This is well worth seeing though it is a bit loud…Getting there is a bit tricky so this is what Hong Kong Tourism says: “MTR Causeway Bay Station, Exit D1. Walk along Lockhart Road to Cannon Street. Then walk along Jaffe Road to the World Trade Centre. You access the Noon Day Gun through a tunnel next to the hotel, in front of the World Trade Centre.” I will say that you have to look for the signs to the tunnel (when we visited in 2013 they were painted in big letters on the wall in white on an orange background).

Getting to the Noon Day Gun...

Wan Chai Market

Street Dry Goods

The Wan Chai market is definitely a local market and not so touristy as others in the city. Found on Queen's Rd E (MTRLOGO Wan Chai) in Wan Chai, the market is spread over a number of streets and a building.

Stalls Fresh Seafood

Full of life and amazing sights, the market is well worth a visit.

Getting Around

Taking the Bus (SW)

The MTR (subway) system largely only operates on the north side of the island between Wan Chai and Central (crossing under the harbour to Tsim Sha Tsui). The same is also true of the tram system. Transportation to other areas is generally by bus or taxi (Hong Kong Tourism has bus schedules).