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Personal Information

Stephen Rice is a systems analyst/computer programmer currently living in Nantwich, rural Cheshire in England after having lived in London for 13 years and Cambridge (yes, THAT Cambridge in England). More than 10 years ago Steve married Melanie and is tremendously happy.

Previously he was living in The Gambia West Africa as a volunteer for the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare in their Directorate of Planning and Information. He was born in Cambridge, Canada (about an hour from Toronto) and previously lived for 4 years in the south of England in Woking and Guildford (both in Surrey county). In addition to these notable locations, he has lived in various other places and has travelled to many wonderful areas which he hopes he can share with you on this site.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (Honours) from the University of Manitoba.


Previous and current memberships:

World Science Fiction Convention memberships:

  • Conadian - Winnipeg World Science Fiction Convention (1994)
  • Intersection - Glasgow - 53rd World Science Fiction Convention (1995)
  • LA Con 3 - Los Angeles - 54th World Science Fiction Convention (1996)
  • LonStarCon 2 - San Antonio - 55th World Science Fiction Convention (1997)
  • Buconeer - Baltimore - The 56th World Science Fiction Convention (1998)
  • AussieCon 3 - Melbourne - The 57th World Science Fiction Convention (1999)
  • TorCon 3 - Toronto World Science Fiction Convention (2003) - Did not attend
  • Interaction - Glasgow - 63rd World Science Fiction Convention (2005)
  • Nippon 2007 - Japan (Yokohama) World Science Fiction Convention (2007)
  • LonCon 3 - London World Science Fiction Convention (2014)
  • Dublin 2019 - Dublin World Science Fiction Convention (2019) - See my review here.
  • New Zealand 2020 - New Zealand Science Fiction Convention (2020) - Virtual, see my review here.


Steve has owned a few cars, information about which is available here and he also collects, see Collecting.

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