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Web Site Notes


  • All content is © Stephen Rice including any images or documents (unless otherwise noted). Permission is given for use of this material for personal purposes ONLY, all other users require express permission.
  • All pictures have been taken by the author and every attempt has been made to ensure that the pictures are suitable for the web site including:
  • Encoding the pictures with JPEG encoding to reduce the size
  • Taking general pictures or where pictures of people (that you can make out) are the subject expressed permission has been given to put those images on the site.
  • All pictures have similar dimensions (with the longest being 380 pixels) for consistency and also for (previous) use by my “SlideShow” java applet (now removed due to the long time this takes to load and the bandwidth requirements).
  • I will, generally, not take pictures of sensitive areas (such as military installations) or the insides of churches. I attempt to respect the wishes of my subjects.
  • All pages should be 100% HTML complaint. All pages should also be accessible via a text-based browser (such as Lynx).


The history of this web site is a long and varied one.

  • (DEFUNCT) - This is the first host of this site but with the limitations it imposed (including on-screen advertising) this was not really a serious attempt at a web site. Originally this was hosted with Geocities which has since been taken over by Yahoo! (who kept the name).
  • (DEFUNCT) - This site had a better name and was offered free with my ISP while in the UK ( - DEFUNCT) but since I have moved away from there it was not really viable to maintain since they require that you update your web page when connected via one of their modems. Also, since it was free it did not seem terribly “permanent” to me. I made an effort to ensure that this and my Geocities web site were always updated so, effectively, they were “mirrored”.
  • (DEFUNCT) - This was with my global ISP ( AT & T GlobalNet) but it is a horrible URL and also has it's limitations.

This site is now hosted on the permanent site which I have committed to paying a yearly hosting fee and a registration fee. This site was hosted by but has now been moved to due to numerous issues over the years. I previously owned, and that all forwarded to my site but since I had so little traffic via there I no longer own these..

In May, 2006 the site was converted over to DokuWiki for easier maintenance. All those HTML files…

In 2015, over the course of many months, I made the following changes:

  • Upgraded to the latest version(s) of DokuWiki and rewrite of custom code to be completely “plugin” based to support simpler future upgrades
  • Massive interface updates to the site including adoption of new technologies such as Bootstrap to provide great support for various mobile and different browser types
  • Addition of images (and wiki formatting) to reviews
  • Converted to “REST” based URLs for ease of use including large site reorganization
  • Updated to use Google Maps v3
  • Review of all content including spelling fixes and fixing of broken links

In December 2020, I made the following changes:

  • Upgraded to the latest version(s) of DokuWiki (and associated plugins)
  • Migrated site to IONOS hosting including introduction of (https) certificate