Royal Opera House

The new Royal Opera House, located just off of Covent Garden, is the premier location of opera in London, or at least, they would have you believe this with the price of their tickets. The ROH is the home of the Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet groups and as such offers first class facilities and what must be what one would think of as a classical night out at the opera. It must be admitted though, that the quality of performances is truly wonderful with the truly magnificent Royal Opera company and the visiting troupes such as the Kirov Ballet company. Note that there are regular tours that are well worth going on if you are a fan (see my information here).

Serious opera fans tend to find a home with the English National Opera based in the London Colosseum just off of Trafalgar Square. ENO offers tickets starting at about £3 all the way up to a much more reasonable (than the ROH) £60. ENO offers a larger assortment of both classical and modern pieces than the ROH. It should be noted that the cheapest seats are truly that: cheap with extremely narrow and cramped areas – pay an extra £10 for something a bit better.