There are a million (or so it seems) theatres and cinemas in the London area, my favourite cinema still has to be the Odeon of Leicester Square, pro-porting to be one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) in Europe. They have recently undergone extensive renovation and it is really quite spectacular. If you want to really experience cinema at it's best get a top-price ticket here and see a REALLY impressive film, you will not regret it.

Of particular interest to cinema-philes is the British Film Institute (BFI) on the Southbank which champions British film with an extensive library though they also have a multi-screen cinema with special screenings throughout the year and they also sponsor the yearly London Film Festival.

Most theatres have reserved seats with ticket prices being tiered (typically normal and premium) with associated costs. Films tend to cost around about £8 per ticket. Incidentally, there is no such thing as buttered popcorn in theatres here so if you want some, you will have to bring your own – the two options are salted and sweet which seem to always be served cold.

The Prince Charles Cinema, located on Leicester Place just north of Leicester Square (TUBE Leicester Square) is a local favourite providing screens of older films at VERY reasonable prices (£4 to non-members, £3 to members) and often show films late into the evening/next day.

The main film chains in England for mainstream film are:

Picturehouse Cinemas are also a smaller cinema chain that has a mixture of both mainstream and “art house” films.

Regent Street Cinema

Regent Street Cinema

One of the first cinemas in the world, the wonderful Regent Street Cinema (307 Regent St, London W1B 2HW, TUBE Oxford Circus) is an amazing, small single-screen cinema with incredible sound and screen that shows not only the biggest blockbusters but also arthouse and classic films. They also frequently have talks and other special events. One of our personal favourites.

Interior The Screen

There is a small bar and seating area here in the lobby.

Odeon Leicester Square

Probably my favourite cinema, this rather expensive cinema is in the heart of the city which has recently had a refurbishment (to be honest, this happens every few years anyway). The Odeon Leicester Square dominates the western side of Leicester Square and is the premiere capital of the city and even occasionally hosts award shows. I try to see each James Bond film here at the premiere, or shortly afterwards.


The main auditorium is spectacular with seats on the ground and balcony with the balcony offering the best view of the enormous curved screen. The auditorium still has an organ that rises up into the stage and used on special occasions. There is a small coffee shop and, along with the huge main screen, there are a number of smaller films.

Chiswick Cinema

Chiswick Cinema

What is great about London is that there are so many separate areas that make it more like a city of cities. There are a number of local cinemas such as Chiswick Cinema that opened near to us that offer not only an exception quality film presentation in first-class facilities but also a great café and terrace.

Staircase Lobby Café

Note: TUBE Indicates closest London Underground station, see Transport for London for further information.