OK Shows

  • Mamma Mia! (Novello, originally Prince of Wales) A rollicking musical that has lots of music with a bit of story thrown in as an excuse to burst into another of Abba's famous hits. Be surrounded by American tourists as you begin to feel the music take hold in it's infectious embrace. The cast are certainly exuberant and the sets quite good to behold. I found the music sometimes a bit overwhelming – perhaps a bit TOO loud. Good fun but don't expect content.
  • The Mousetrap (St. Martins) - Running since 1952 in London this show is great light entertainment if not a bit dated. The theatre (St Martin's) is very small and leads to a quite personal experience.

Mousetrap at St. Martins

  • The Woman in Black (Fortune) - Billed as a 'Suspense Thriller' I was not either. An acceptable play that seems to take it's time getting to the point, the acting is superb. Mind the smoke from the end of the first act (and into the second act) – I ended up gagging through most of those parts.