Victoria is a land of mountains and forest. Largely unpopulated save for Melbourne and a few smaller towns, many areas are only accessible by foot though the views are often worth it!

There are a number of parks scattered around the area, such as the Phillip Island area and the Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Phillip Island

Located a short drive to the south of Melbourne, Phillip island has a number of tourist attractions located on it. The island is accessed from the mainland via a small bridge and is sparsely populated.

A Koala Sanctuary and Wildlife preserve are amongst the attractions though the most popular event is the Penguin Parade which occurs every night just after sunset when penguins who have spent the day at sea return to their nests on land, passing by the numerous hundreds of people who have paid to watch. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance as this is a very popular event. To see the small creatures waddle their way across the sand and grass in small bunches is truly something that must be seen. There is a small visitors centre that is worth a visit (since entrance is included in your ticket to the parade) and includes a good introductory film.

Koala Sanctuary - This is as close as you get

The Nobbies and Sea Rock are located at the furthest reaches of the island and the area is home to a large colony of seals. Their colony is located on a rock a few hundred meters from shore and the best way to see them is to watch them on video screens in a visitor's center (a rather steep entrance fee is required). There are paths leading all around the mainland areas which are free and offer great views of the rocky coastline and, if you squint, of the seals.

Seal Rock and the Nobbies

There are many walks all around the island, many of which along the shore- line which is quite spectacular.

The Wreck of the S. S. Speke Accessible by Walking Trail

The island has a few small hotels and bed & breakfasts though reservations during the height of the season are recommended. Be prepared to pay for the priviledge and don't expect great culinary adventures for the few restaurants either.

Wildlife at the Prom

Wilsons Promontory National Park

The 'Prom' as it is known locally, is located at the southern-most tip of Victoria and is a large area that has basically been left to nature. Only one town of any size (still extremely small), there is only one road in and many WALKING trails around the area.

View of Tidal River (the only town of any size) from Mount Oberon

Most of the trails are truly for the dedicated hiker, taking days to complete. Most of these trails include areas where you can camp and some even offer cabins though no facilities are available (other than 'natural' toilets).

Relaxing at the top of Mount Oberon

The Mount Oberon trail is one of the shortest walks taking about an hour and a half to climb from the car park to the summit.

Hiking at the Prom - Admiring Foliage

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