Australia is a vast, largely unpopulated land full of suprising people and places to visit. This section is based upon my personal experiences so, if incomplete, blame it on my not having had enough time to do more!

Koala - Difficult to Spot at the Best of Times

National Parks are to be found almost everywhere which largely have free admission though nominal fees will be charged for multiple days or camping passes. Wildlife abounds in the wilderness areas, do not be surprised to see in addition to the ever-present kangaroos and wombats, kookaburras and koalas (yes, it really is possible to see them in the trees beside the road).

To get around, it is recommended that a driving atlas be purchased (although relatively difficult to find), even if you are travelling by rail or bus. NEVER underestimate the size of this country, for example, the distance between Melbourne and Sydney though insignificant on the map is a 900 km drive (about 8 1/2 hours drive).

New South Wales

New South Wales is the gateway to the north and interior of Australia. Contrasting the large metropolis of Sydney are the small, relatively unpopulated Blue Mountains National Park just an hour away.


Victoria is a land of mountains and forest. Largely unpopulated save for Melbourne and a few smaller towns, many areas are only accessible by foot though the views are often worth it!

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