Circular Quay and the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Easily the largest city in Australia, Sydney is centered around the large harbour and sprawls out for many miles. With similar problems as all major cities, most of the city is very friendly to tourists and very well kept with large numbers of parks and green spaces.

An extensive network of trains and buses make it easy to get around though a map is HIGHLY recommended as it is fairly easy to get lost at first.


There are many things to see and do in Sydney, probably the best way to understand the general layout of the city is to take a boat tour of the harbour and to understand the core area, take a trip on the monorail which runs suspended a good distance above the street. Specifically, I can recommend:

  • BridgeClimb - A unique way to see the city – if you are brave enough – climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Though pricey (about $140) thorough training and climbing gear is provided – the view is spectacular. All climbs include a group photo. Photos taken by your guide are available for purchase (as cameras as well as any loose jewelry and possessions are NOT allowed during the climb). If you are scared of heights this may be a problem however the equipment and walkway is extremely secure. Day AND night climbs are available – NOTE: Be sure to book WELL ahead of time (especially on the weekends) as most tours sell out quite quickly, days ahead would be highly recommended.

At the Top -- A Night Climb

  • Sydney Aquarium - A large aquarium featuring two large tanks containing large fish (sharks, rays, etc) and a seal area, this is a great place to spend a few hours. Open until extremely late at night, though pricey, there is plenty to see. Be aware that later in the evening certain attractions (like the seals) are NOT open.
  • (Paddy's) Haymarket Market - A market selling everything you can think of (great fresh fruit and fish), be prepared to spend mroe than you should on something…or a lot less. A large, enclosed market which is open most days of the week.
  • PowerHouse Museum - One of the most famous and popular museums in Sydney the PowerHouse is great for children though with enough material to be interesting to adults also. Be aware that the museum is VERY popular and may be crowded. Perhaps not as much material as I would have expected though…Not really that many exhibits (though renovation was underway when I visited).
  • Taronga Zoological Garden - Spread over the side of a hill on the harbour, the zoo is a great place to spend a number of hours. Accessible by ferry from Circular Quay (which also has combination ferry/zoo tickets – a good bargain) the trip drops you off at the main entrance at the top of the hill leaving it up to you to work your way through the park to the exit at the bottom near the ferry pier. Great way to see most Australian animals (really neat Koala and Kangaroo exhibits – almost “hands-on”). Great views of the city through the many trees…

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