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20231209_190159.jpg Jordy's is fairly well known in the Nantwich area having appeared at various festivals over the years and their stall in the Crewe Food Hall. This is their first proper restaurant in a great location just off the Nantwich market square, taking over the the premises from Planet Doughnut. It has been a huge hit since it first opened a month or so ago, so we decided to give it a go.

Showing up on a Saturday night without a reservation was not the best idea but they seated us anyway in bar-style seating along the wall near the kitchen at the back consisting of a simple narrow counter along the wall with no space for your legs underneath so we spent our visit with our legs to the side or trying to huddle over our plates. The cool, simple, industrial interior is a bit clinical with an eclectic selection of pictures on the wall. Interior decorating is not a priority obviously, but the food is.


The simple single double-sided A4 menu consists of two “starters” (olives and a sharing platter of meats) then, the main event, (single portion) pizzas with prices ranging from £11.80 for, unsurprisingly, the “Margherita” to £18.20 for the “Red Hot” which did not seem all that hot with the list of ingredients being simply “Nduja, Pepperoni, Ventricina [sausage], Sliced Chilis”. “Sides” include two salads and garlic bread while the more imaginative “chips” has interesting options such as “garlic & rosemary” (£4.90), “n'duja” (£5.50) and “truffle and parmesan” (£5.50). Completing the first side of the menu are desserts which include “tiramisu” (£6.50), “dough balls with Pistashio crema & nutella” (£5.50 for single or £9.50 for “sharing”), a “cherry & frangipane tart” with vanilla ice cream or Vegan custard (£7) or ice cream (£2.40/scoop). The flip side covered drinks which were quite normal/boring except for their “Jordy's Lager” (£2.70 half/£5.40 pint) which my companion quite enjoyed which is surprising considering she does not normally drink beer.

Everything was cooked to order so we had a few minutes to wait with our drinks before the meal arrived. The restaurant was busy but most seemed to be lingering rather than waiting for food so the kitchen did not seem overly stretched with our food arriving about 15 minutes after ordering.

Romagnolo Pizza

I ordered the “Romagnolo” pizza (£16.50; “Prosciutto, Parmesan, Rocket, Tomatoes”) which was quite nice. All of the pizzas are stone baked so have a delicious, slightly, chewy crust and the typical burning that add to the flavour. The toppings were quite nice though the long meat slices a bit awkward to eat as they pulled off when you took a bite. The crust in the middle was a bit soggy from the toppings.

Aubergine Parmigiana pizza

My companion was a bit disappointed with her “Aubergine Parmigiana” (£13.20) which she found overly bland (and also slightly soggy).

Truffle & Parmesan chips

For sides I had the “Truffle & Parmesan” skin-on chips (£5.50) which were good but not crunchy though soggy. The flavour was good with the sparing use of truffle oil but copious amounts of parmesan. The portion size was quite generous.

Prosciutto Caesar Salad

My companion had the “Prosciutto Caesar Salad” (£6.50 for side/£10.50 as main) which was wonderfully creamy with only a slight hint (thankfully, in my book) of anchovies.

The bill came to £49.60 including a soft drink (lemonade, £2.50) and the afore-mentioned beer, but without a tip. So not too bad for two people. Service was OK if not overly friendly. Fancy this is not with the team members differentiated from the customers only by wearing “Jordy's” t-shirts.

We will be back as it is the best place for pizza in town but we were slightly disappointed with the ambiance and the food.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2023-12-09

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: 16 Pillory St, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5BD ENGLAND

Location: Cheshire (England) - Nantwich



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1270 691304