Review of 'Noodle Gurus'

We have always had pretty good luck at the Market Hall in Crewe with reasonable fast food. We have been working our way through the various food vendors and this visit it was the turn of “Noodle Gurus” which offers a small selection of “Chinese” dishes served on top of rice noodles, egg noodles or rice along with accompaniments such as chips and dumplings. As is typical you place your order and it is delivered to your table in the dining area.

Crispy Chilli Beef

I had the “Crispy Chilli Beef (GF)” (£9.75) on egg fried noodles which I was disappointed with. The sauce was overly sweet and there was so much of it that the crispy chilli beef was decidedly not crispy. There was a good amount of chilli but not so much it overpowered everything.

Wok Fried Chicken and Vegetables

My companion had the “Wok Fried chicken & Vegetables” (£7.95) which she said was bland and uninspired though the vegetables were nice and crispy.

Portion sizes were good and it was nice to see the use of proper, albeit plastic, bowls rather than disposable. The price was a bit on the high side (though nice to see tinned drinks at a “reasonable” £1.50) and it did take quite a good amount of time to be prepared but I would assume this is because it was prepared from scratch. Really, more of a snack or light lunch option, if you really insist as, sadly, the flavour was disappointing and misbalanced. We will not be returning, there are much better options in the rest of the hall…

Rating: “Not great, but not the worse”

Review Date: 2023-07-21

Cuisine: Chinese

Address: 27 Earle St, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 2BL ENGLAND

Location: Cheshire (England) - Crewe



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