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A personal favourite

Along the popular and trendy “Welsh Row” there are a number of pubs and small, fun eateries. The one that caught our eye is probably the most unassuming with the most modest of signs - “Street”, at the corner of Welsh Row and St. Anne's Lane pretty much opposite Cheshire Cat. Looking at the menu it is also quite intriguing as it serves Street Food from around the world.

Early on a Saturday evening (about 6pm) we had our choice of tables but as we left our meal the place was filling up. Much of the business here seems to be takeaway with people regularly coming and going with their orders. The interior is quite dark as you enter off the street with a small bar area where you pick up your takeaway or are directed vaguely where to sit.

Front Bar Area

The front “nook” seating area directly looks out to the busy Welsh Row with, oddly, very uncomfortable slightly-too-high seating and slightly-too-low tables making it not a great choice though other tables further away from the door are more comfortable.

Front Nook

The large, even darker, dining area at the back has a series of long tables along the left, smaller tables on the right and, at the back wall, a quirky touch of the back of a van opened up and used as a kitchen.

Back Area

Food Prep

Each table has it's own QR code that you scan to bring up a menu on your phone though, for those of us preferring physicality, there are also much easier to read glossy menus. The colourful menu is split into “Mexi Market” (“Burritos” and “Add Ons” including quesadillas and nachos), “Stateside” (“Dirty Dogs”, “Burgers”, “Wingin' It”, “Loaded Fries”, and “Street Samplers”), and, “East Street” (including “Noodles” and “Korean Curry”) with a short “Specials” piece of paper stapled to the corner. It is unusual to see hot dogs in England so that immediately caught our eye with every menu item ingeniously named despite their fairly normal ingredients. After ordering on our phones it was only a short wait for our drinks then our food to be delivered to the table.

Banh Mi

I went for the “Banh Mi” Korean sandwich special (“traditional Vietnamese chicken sandwich served with cucumber kimchi”; £11). The sandwich was stuffed full and very satisfying with perfectly crunchy fried chicken which was wonderfully juicy inside accompanied by an herb filling (as it should be). The bread was perfectly fresh and not too soft. Unfortunately the sides were a bit disappointing with the small portion of coleslaw so tasteless it had me tasting over and over again attempting to discern any sort of flavour. The “cucumber kimchi” was a bit spicy but was way too watery which took most of any flavour it had away though it was quite fresh.

Korean Sweet & Spicy Chicken

My companion had the “Korean Sweet + Spicy Chicken” (“deep fried crispy chicken on rice, sweet + spicy sauce, crushed peanuts, pickled veg”; £10) which she complained was, again, lacking in any huge amounts of flavour though the chicken was cooked well and looked the business…it just failed to deliver.

Kansas City Fries

We shared an order of “Kansas City” fries (“fries pulled pork, red onion, cheese sauce + American mustard”; £7.5) which were probably our highlight of the meal with a massive amount of toppings and probably could have been treated as a main for one of us. The fries were perfectly cooked and not soggy from the toppings.

At just over £38 for the two of us including two soft drinks it was not too bad considering the amount of food we had. The service was polite and reasonably friendly but not overly so. The music was not blaring so it was comfortable to sit and talk while the ambiance was a bit fun. The food was reasonable and would interest us in a return visit to try some other things out from the menu.

Nantwich has it's own street food hall, who knew it? Well worth a visit for something a bit different from the pub and takeaway grub normally on offer in the area.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2022-08-06

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 35 Welsh Row, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5ED ENGLAND

Location: Cheshire (England) - Nantwich



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1270 625539