Review of 'Death by Tacos'

While visiting Chester the other day we paid a visit to the Chester Indoor Market which is a refreshing change from the normal high street stores that dominate most of Chester. The market has a thriving street food scene with a number of stalls that sparked our interest but we eventually decided on “Death by Tacos” with it's dark interior and heavy rock soundtrack filtering out to the rest of the market…

The small stall has a few tables on the inside and alongside the wire mesh exterior but you can sit anywhere in the market, just by letting them know when you are ordering in the stall so they know where to hunt for you when your order is ready – Yes, table service! The interior is decorated with a death-rock-type vibe and has a small bar area and an equally small cooking area. The menu is written in chalk on several boards with the staff more than willing to answer any questions you might have - Basically, it is tacos or nachos…and, of course, drinks. It being a Saturday it was particularly busy but we were able to snag a table beside the stall itself.

Macha Chicken

When our order arrived we were quite amazed at the large amount of (feta) cheese scattered across each of the dishes. This is not my favourite cheese in the world and it was not mentioned on the menu at all. Evidently it is one of the two things they do not make inhouse, the other being their salsa, presumably because both require time and more space to prepare. I selected the “Macha Chicken” (“Chicken slow cooked + chipotle / ‘Salsa Macha’ / soft cheese / soured cream / coriander / lime wedges” “Spice 5/10”, £8.60) which was quite tasty though extraordinarily greasy as the oil dripped down my arm while attempting to eat the small soft shelled tacos. I was told that it was slightly spicy but I found it quite mild. The best part of the dish was the roasted-nut-based topping but there was not a lot of it. The meat was very juicy with an interesting selection of herbal spices and, of course, quite smoky with the chipotle.

Chicken + Esquites

My companion had the “Chicken + Esquites” (chicken tacos with creamy charred corn, £8.80) which she found very good indeed. This had a much fuller flavour than my dish and I would certainly pick this one would I have the choice again.

Nachos with Salsa

We also ordered the “Nachos with Salsa” (£3.80) which was the cheapest of the nacho options with other options including various meats and beans. The nachos were really fresh and crunchy, tasting great with the smooth but herbal salsa provided on the side.

Though the portion sizes were a bit on the small side, there was copious amount of cheese included and the food was certainly very fresh. The service was very pleasant and the food delivered promptly to our table. The food did slightly disappoint with a lack of variety in the flavour with it mostly being quite one noted but it was tasty.

Well worth a visit if you are in the market.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-04-30

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Unit A6, Market Hall, 6 Princess St, Chester, CH1 2HH ENGLAND

Location: Cheshire (England) - Chester



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Telephone: +44 (0) 7791 068464